Insect control on your property for plant health consists of a management program that includes a thorough inspection of your landscape by a professionally trained arborist, expert diagnosis and treatment, as well as careful monitoring. Insects and mites usually attack trees and shrubs that are in poor health and/or under stress. Therefore, your arborist’s first priority is to restore the health of your trees and shrubs so that they can naturally resist insect and mite infestation. Our insect control philosophy is to use low impact methods and ingredients to minimize populations of insects and mites while maintaining environmental sensibility.


The presence of some insects and mites can be harmless, but certain species may be detrimental and even cause trees and shrubs to die. Asian long-horned beetle, winter moth, inchworm, aphids, gypsy moth, canker worm, hemlock woolly adelaide and borers are some of the most common and harmful insects. Control of these species in the least intrusive manner is made possible by Advanced Tree’s technologically advanced scheduling system. It enables us to achieve insect control by treating each species on your property at the most advantageous time to ensure efficacy and environmental integrity.